Horus Heresy: Drop Assault – List of relics

This is a growing list of relics compiled from the Horus Heresy: Drop Assault game. As you can see, many of the names are reused and the bonuses assigned to each relic appear to be random. The rarer the relic, the more powerful the bonuses. Common relics have one bonus, uncommon relics have two, rare and epic relics have three bonuses. Bonuses do not stack, but the game uses the higher bonus of those equipped to relic pedestals. Please submit new ones in the comments below, and they will be added to the list.

Ancient BladeCommon6% Terminator damage
Ancient BladeCommon6% Troop health
ApothecariumCommon6% Tactical damage
ApothecariumCommon13% Tech shard chance
Archaotech Data ShardCommon6% Resource production
Archaotech Data ShardCommon6% Beamer damage
Archeotech DialCommon7% Hunter damage
Advanced SignumCommon12% Munitions production
Auspex ScannerCommon7% Resource production
ChainswordCommon7% Tech shard chance
Drill ModuleCommon3% Building damage
Fabricators BraceCommon10% Power production
Fabricator's BraceCommon5% Hunter damage
Metal OculeneCommon10% Power production
Palatine BladeCommon4% Troop health
Palatine BladeCommon7% Munitions rewards
Relic BladeCommon3% Troop damage
Salient ControlCommon8% Lascannon damage
Vicious Axe RakeCommon3% Troop health
Vicious Axe RakeCommon3% Orbital strike damage
Adept DeviceUncommon17% Power production
11% Support health
Advanced ServotechUncommon10% Flamer damage
20% Munitions production
Ancient BuilderUncommon* Daily Reward, Day 15
10% Troop health
10% Starting energy
Axe BuilderUncommon9% Troop damage
21% Power rewards
Castellax PowercoreUncommon14% Power rewards
15% Munitions production
Cybernetic CortexUncommon17% Munitions production
25% Tech shard chance
Digital WeaponUncommon15% Bloodlust,
11% Resource production
Iron BreakerUncommon15% Support health
5% Troop speed
Long Range AuspexUncommon8% Orbital strike damage
8% Troop health
Myrmidon Infra VisorUncommon10% Resource production
9% Troop health
Pike of DominanceUncommon11% Orbital strike damage
11% Deathstorm damage
Pike of DominanceUncommon13% Dreadnought health
16% Power rewards
Rays of JusticeUncommon19% Power production
14% Resource rewards
ReprimandumUncommon7% Building health
11% Raptor health
ReprimandumUncommon19% Tech shard chance
17% Power production
Sensory RelayUncommon10% Resource production
13% Whirlwind health
Storm ShieldUncommon12% Resource production
17% Munitions production
Ark of SecretsRare19% Predator damage
18% Mortar health
17% Troop health
Axe of the Iron FatherRare19% Predator damage
27% Resource rewards
37% Tech shard chance
Axe of the Iron FatherRare15% Bloodlust duration
34% Munition rewards
15% Orbital strike damage
Curse of the OmnissiahRare6s Beacon duration
21% Whirlwind damage
36% Power rewards
Dark Apostle's FlameRare* Daily Reward, Day 24
20% Resource rewards
16% Building health
27% Munition production
Dark Apostle's FlameRare* Daily Reward, Day 24
18% Lascannon health
26% Munitions production
30% Munition reward
GeneseedRare3s Servo heal duration
24% Beamer health
13% Troop damage
GeneseedRare48% Tech shard chance
18% Starting energy
20% Mortar health
GeneseedRare15% Building damage
17% Starting energy
20% Terminator health
GeneseedRare24% Munitions production
20% Beamer health
18% Troop damage
IlluminariumRare20% Glaive health
17% Deathstorm damage
22% Support damage
Rad CleanserRare22% Bolter health
30% Resource rewards
20% Building health
SilenceRare20% Predator damage
41% Munition rewards
14% Troop health
Thallax Lightning GunRare20% Building damage
15% Troop health
34% Tech shard chance
Thallax Lightning GunRare23% Bolter damage
17% Troop speed
18% Dreadnought damage
The LanternRare23% Tactical damage
15% Troop health
20% Resource rewards
The LanternRare19% Troop speed
34% Munitions rewards
22% Starting energy
Ward of ErebusRare26% Power production
27% Terminator health
16% Troop speed
Sigil of HorusEpic34% Flamer damage
30% Troop speed
21% Troop health
World BreakerEpic21% Troop speed
34% Starting energy
+2 Energy per turret destroyed

Please submit new relics from Horus Heresy: Drop Assault in the comments so they can be added.

3 thoughts on “Horus Heresy: Drop Assault – List of relics”

  1. Nyphoma Astrolabe
    47% Tech shard chance
    20% Mortar damage
    21% Resource rewards

    Nyphoma Astrolabe
    15% Building damage
    19% Troop damage
    18% Resource production

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